Are they sexy? cute? perverted and wrong? retarded? What do they want from us? What the fuck are they so happy about?! I don't know man, leave me alone.

The idea started out as a series of paintings I did, then somebody asked me to do a shirt. Then more people asked me for shirts. Then I got linked all over the "funny-thing-of-the-day" sites across the internet and suddenly a whole crapload of people wanted shirts. Then I got really dang sick of making shirts.

As of 2006, you can get your funky-fresh Penis-Unicorn shirts, and a number of other items, through my shop at Cafepress. A little pricier than they used to be but the product is far superior and they ship them out promtly. Sure, it loses a bit of that personal charm it used to have when I was pressing shirts in my house all day but I think it's worth it to get your Penicorn quickly and they don't start fading after the first wash.

Know what else you should do? Send me a photo or two of yourself being awesome in your shirt so I can start a new photo gallery. Dooooo iiiiit.

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If you are a fan of crappy-sounding midi files then be sure to head over to my Depressing Classic Rock Midi Page. It sucks!

This is the lame idea of myself: Jeff Hudson, aka DJ Jef Leppard, littleblakkitty, just another loser from the midwest. Any similarity between Jeff's Magical Penis Unicorns and the My Little Pony toys is purely coincidental, honest.