When he was 12 years old, Jef Leppard used to pretend to be a DJ doing a radio show in his room, broadcast over a "radio transmitter" he built with his 75-In-1 Electronics kit from Radio Shack. To this day he is still going around pretending to be a DJ and many people have seemed to enjoy watching him do so. Jef has been playing scratchy old skipping records out of blown speakers to housefulls of drunk friends for like six years I think. One time he got hired to play for a high school class reunion and decided to update his equipment a little and try to be somewhat legit. At some point it became fashionable to play really outdated music and Mr. Leppard has been in demand for his unique blend of 70s 80s 90s, glam rock, butt rock, lite rock, new wave, etc. At last report, he is still using a mixer purchased from Radio Shack. Currently he is co-hosting Retro D'Luxe Thursday nights at Drink in downtown Grand Rapids.