These are just a few songs that always seem to bring me down. Some create only a slight discomfort, like gas from eating a huge wet burrito, while others seem to mock my very existence and make me want to give up all together. Even at age 8, "Dust In The Wind" used to make me think about slashing my wrists. These are MIDI files-- so besides being depressing, they'll also sound dumb too. This collection is in no way complete and it reflects only my personal feelings of sadness which I am compelled to inflict upon you. I don't claim to be a supreme authority on depression but I'm working towards that. If you know of other depressing songs I could add, please let me know or I'll cry. You would do it if you were a real friend. Well fuck you, who needs you anyway?! Look, I'm sorry... I think I need to be alone right now. Bye.

Bob Seger- Against The Wind

B Oyster Cult- Don't Fear The Reaper
Quarterflash- Harden My Heart
Mr Mister- Broken Wingz
Kansas- Dust In The Wind
Eagles- New Kid In Town
Stone Temple Pilots- Creep
REM -Everybody Hurts
Pink Floyd- Hey You
Cutting Crew- Died In Your Arms
Alan Parsons- Eye In Tha Sky
Eric Crapton - Layla
Dream Academy - Life, Northern Town
Moody Blues- Nights In White Satin
Jackson Brown- Running Empty
Eurythmics- Here Comes The Rain
Motels- Only The Lonely
Stephen Bishop- On And On
Survivor- The Search Is Over
Terry Jacks- Seasons In The Sun
Mike & Mechanics- Silent Running
Jim Croce- Time In A Bottle
America- Ventura Highway
Foreigner- Waiting Girl Like You
Journey- Who's Crying Now
Michael Murphy- Wildfire
Al Stewart- Year Of The Cat
Rod Stewart- Young Turks
Howard Jones- No One Is To Blame
Bee Gees- Too Much Heaven
Lionel Richie- Hello
Beatles- Yesterday
Harry Chapin- Cats In The Cradle
The Cars- Let The Good Times Roll
Police- Every Breath You Take
Phil Collins- Against All Odds
Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever?
Til Tuesday - Voices Carry
G.O'Sullivan- Alone Again Naturally