Here are some of our hot tunes. If you've been here before you may have noticed that there is a lot less to download than there used to be. That's because the versions of the songs on here were getting embarassingly outdated. New recordings should start popping up soon. And of course we all know that when websites say "soon," that means maybe some time before we're all dead.

Crack - MP3 - You know.... as in a "cracked" video game?

7-11 - MP3 - The convenience store we all know and love. We're not receiving royalties or free Slurpees.

U Took 2 Much (Man) - MP3 - Remember, don't look in the mirror. New recording.

Journey - MP3 Not inspired by the awesome band but by the crappy Atari game. New recording.

G.H.Beeatch (original) - MP3 - WMA - From" What's In The Bottle?" Recorded on cassette 4-track.



Little Black Kitty- DJ Jef Leppard- MP3 - I worked so long on something so retarded.

Electric 6 Gay Bar Jef Leppard Remix - MP3 - For a mash-up contest.
Thundah! - MP3 - WMA - Jef Leppard rock-oriented exercise in sampling
 Frogger II Techno - MP3 - Pre 'Dudes collaboration by Rich & Jef