What's In The Bottle was a compilation CD released in 1998 by key-key-eye-kit records. It featured 50 tracks by many underground Michigan musicians and audio-artists such as Mechanik, Whirlwind Heat, Superwow, C3, Carebears, August Spies, Shogun IQ, OoSpecies, Zero G's, Night Doctors, Visitor, Al Vogel and many others.

A true DIY effort, all the artists split the cost of manufacturing. The disk packaging was silkscreened by hand with many different color combinations and comes with a vinyl sticker. All the creepy packaging artwork was done by brilliant Seattle artist, Justin Miller. Not very many of these were manufactured and once they are gone they are gone.

Some copies of What's In The Bottle are still available and being distributed through Scratch n' Sniff records.