LSDudes are a three-piece electronic band from Grand Rapids who play a forward thinking yet nostalgic brand of electronic music. Utilizing analog synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, bass and guitar, they play a variety of originals and unusual covers. Live performances are often accompanied by hypnotic, synchronized video projections, which are as much a part of the show as the music.

The lineup consists of Chris Eddy (Night Doctors, C3) on guitar and vocals, Rich Vogel (Vannesss, Phantom Wedding Band, C3) on keyboards, vocals, bass, samples, Commodore 64, and Geoff Hudson (L.M., ON, Nothing Television) keyboards, vocals, samples, and video projections.

The LSDudes formed in 1997. The original lineup consisted of Geoff Hudson, Nate Murphy (Mommy Won't Wake Up) and Phil Beckwith (Mechanik). The inspiration behind the music spawned from retro drug culture movies such as Psychomania, Acid Eaters, Joe and Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. The band made its first appearance on the "What's In The Bottle?" CD compilation in 1997. They went on to play many shows around the state with bands such as Enon, Whirlwind Heat, The Wild Bunch (now Electric 6) and Acid Mothers Temple. They have taken part in some odd novelty shows such as The Girlie Freakshow put on by Slymenstra Hymen of Gwar and a Video Game Competition featuring classic arcade games.


During a succession of lineup changes, the focus of the songwriting shifted from spacious, slow evolving songs like Pot Hole to more structure based songs like Mainlight. Using older computers such as the Amiga 500 and the Commodore 64 as live instruments, the band began incorporating video game theme songs such as M.U.L.E., Galivan and Pitfall II into its song list, as well as the theme song to the 80s movie Joystix.

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