Some nice stuff that nice people have said about us...  

The LSDudes may have a goofball name, but nonetheless they execute excellent Kraftwerkian proto-synth-pop.


...Also appearing on this evening will be another group of malcontents known as L.S.Dudes. Take a bunch of obscure drug movies from the 60s and 70s, combine with tweaked out 80s New Wave electronic style, throw in some big-haired heavy metal for added cheese factor, then add some very psychedelic visual projections and you have the L.S.Dudes.

--The Paper


From behind masks of indeterminate origin and under perfectly synchronized video collages, the LSDudes usurp the motorik grooves of Kraftwerk and Neu! and put them in service of psychedelic sense-stimulation. Or sensory overload, as in their introductory salvo, wherin the 'Dudes couple an out-of-control electronic rocker with footage of out-of-control race cars. Out of control becomes out of this world with the song "GHBeeatch," an ambient groover, complemented by swirling colors and dancing Indian maidens. Any performance by these THComrades bends minds so beautifully that it almost justifies their preposterous name.


"Although the Lsdudes haven't had an album in 14 years, I was lucky enough to catch them at the Bio-Dome in Afghanistan. Before the show I was given a Jane Fonda workout album. All seats in the Bio-Dome were equipped with record players, headphones, and welding helmets. The Lsdudes first appeared behind the crowd, though strapped into my seat I could feel their presence. They soared above the audience in a cloud of Bio-Dome mist wearing jetpacks. The bagoonmoog bass player landed safely and introduced the first song 'Smak' (#1 hit in New Guinea). The crowd went bonkers! Halfway through their set list we were instructed to listen to our Jane Fonda albums and put on our welding helmets. There was a countdown tone in the left earphone - 3,2,1, Stop the record!! 4.5 billion laser lights blasted out from behind the stage as the song 'Satan' began to play. The lasers blasted through the Bio-dome glass and everyone took off their helmets. We all looked to the sky and laser diamonds gently fell into the audience as 'Satan' faded out and 'Pretty Song' began. A sight to behold!! The Lsdudes ended the show with 'The Model' (Gary Neuman). As exited the Bio-Dome I was given a complimentary pocket protector and a souvenir laser diamond. That same night Iranian border patrols reported a blinding light and visions of Jane Fonda on the moon." --- Al Vogel Jr., Rolling Stone